Hub’Scan announces Tag Defender®

Boston, October 27th, 

tag defender

Hub’Scan Inc. announces TAG DEFENDER®, the new Hub’Scan feature that enables to get the most out of digital analytics solutions, smoothly and confidently.


Ensuring accurate online data to meet performance challenges and achieve analytics goals

Digital Analytics are designed to successfully reach the ambitious goal of increasing visitor engagement, retention and business conversion. A real challenge is to overcome the pain of maintaining complex ongoing tagging and data collection implementations, while answering questions as:

  • what if unplanned campaigns or releases happen?
  • what if web pages or app screens are added or removed?
  • what if interactions or flows change in user journey?

Hub’Scan Tag Defender®, enables to use all the tagging and data collection features of digital analytics platform extensively without the challenges of dealing with « what ifs » and burdensome maintenance.

Tag Defender uses data layer management and tagging compliance features from Hub’Scan EX to automatically fix any tagging and data collection error on the fly, in real time, 24/7 on the entirety of your digital ecosystem.


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