Summer 2016 release

Dear Friends of Hub’Scan,

we hope you took time off to enjoy the summer and relax with friends and family. Our team has kept busy throughout the summer to bring you even more features and enhancements that will help you in your data quality initiatives!

The improvements include:

New feature: Map Remote File

Map Remote File allows you to select a replacement script a remote script. This is great for testing different versions of a remote script file, run “what-if” scans and just compare two versions of a TMS container, for instance.

Tag support:

– Google Universal Analytics server call segmentation (page views, events, etc)

– Enhanced view of multiple server calls

– Enhanced support for Google Tag Manager containers and related elements

– Tagging plans now importable as JSON

– Enhancement to Tag Sequencer

– Enhanced tag library


– Scenarios can now trigger alerts for when one or more steps fail to execute

– Alerts : you can now add more e-mail recipients

Scans and scenarios:

– Run scans based only URLs in CSV file

– Scans and scenarios can now be cloned and renamed

– Scenario Maintenance: bulk management for scenarios

– Scenarios: improved selector support

Misc. enhancements:

– Updated public API

– Customer administrators can now create and manage user accounts

– Hub’Scan account usage alerts

And that was just for a minor summer release!

To get a refresher course on the new features and enhancements in the Summer Release, we have planned 1-hour sessions to bring you up to speed, starting on September 6th!

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