Version 7 Of Hub’Scan EX Offers Recommendation Engine, External Campaign Validation Module & SEO Benchmarking

Boston, April 5th, 2016 – Hub’Scan Inc. today announce the release of version 7 of Hub’Scan EX, the largest and most significant version of its award-winning digital marketing auditing SaaS platform. Hub’Scan EX provides monitored tracking and validation of the tags and campaigns deployed by its customers and agency partners.

The new features and enhancements allow for unrivalled flexibility when it comes to managing digital marketing deployment specifications. These improvements help ensure that digital marketing projects collect the right data about campaigns, content being viewed, user behavior, transaction data, or any tag-based data point.

The v7 release is the biggest evolution of our platform to date,” said Eric Dumain, Founder and CEO at Hub’Scan Inc. “Our focus has always been on data quality and how it helps digital marketing professionals deliver accurate reporting, make the right decisions and drive higher ROI. With v7, we promised our customers a 360° view of their digital data quality, from campaigns to clickstream data to business conversion, and we delivered.”

Chief among the new features are: a recommendation engine, an external campaign validation module as well as an exclusive SEO benchmarking system. Thanks to this series of enhancements, Hub’Scan customers will be able to improve their overall traffic acquisition, visitor behavior knowledge and business conversion.

Hub’Scan continues to innovate and its R&D department follows an aggressive release schedule to keep adding more features and enhancements to ensure that digital data remains relevant data.


About Hub’Scan

Hub’Scan Inc. is the Boston-based company behind Hub’Scan EX, the world’s most advanced and award-winning digital marketing quality assurance SaaS platform. Hub’Scan EX lays the groundwork for digital analytics business processes. Combined with a unique model for exhaustive tag auditing, it ensures 100% tag coverage, compliance and efficiency 24/7. Hub’Scan EX addresses digital ecosystems and manages tagging compliance and data layer quality for all three phases of digital analytics: traffic acquisition, visitor behavior and customer conversion.

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