Announcing the release of Hub’Scan v7!

Dear friends of Hub’Scan,

We are pleased to announce that the next release of Hub’Scan (v7) will be made available on March 21st.

that make it easier to improve data quality and now assure quality of your analytics for external traffic. Expect to save even more time and gain better insights using Hub’Scan!

New features and improvements in Hub’Scan v7

  • Recommendation engine
  • External Campaign validation
  • SEO benchmarking
  • Custom variable naming
  • Variable Explorer
  • Tag Sequencer
  • New, streamlined user interface
  • Integrated tagging plans
  • Improved scenarios
  • Improved dashboards
  • Improved support for Tag Management Systems
  • Improved alerting system
  • Improved tag library

View a complete list of v7 features here

v7 Upgrade FAQ

Q. Will this be a paid version upgrade?
A. If you are already a Hub’Scan customer, this version upgrade comes at no additional cost.

Q. When is the new version going to be available?
A. Hub’Scan v7 will be available on Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 8AM Eastern Time.

Q. What is going to happen? What about running scans and scenarios?
A. We will be bringing down Hub’Scan servers at 4AM Eastern Time on Saturday, March 19th to upgrade to v7. All processes including scans and scenarios will be automatically halted during the upgrade and will be resumed as services are brought back online for v7.

Q. What’s new in v7?
A. Hub’Scan v7 brings a lot of new features and improvements.
Get the full list of features here.

Q. How can I get training for v7?
A. To get training on the new features and best practices in v7, sign up for refresher course or contact your account representative.

Q. Can I keep using the current version?
A. Hub’Scan v7 is the next evolution to our platform and all our customers will be migrated to the newest version on March 21st.