Announcing Advanced Javascript Audits

Dear Friends of Hub’Scan,

It’s going to be a hot summer so to make your job cooler we just added a powerful new feature to help you be even more efficient with your tag quality assurance.

Starting today, you now have the option to run advanced Javascript audits!
This feature has been requested by a number of our clients and we felt now that the ideal time to make it available to all of our customers.

The next time you run a scan or a scenario, you can choose to check the Javascript Audit box.

After your scan or scenario completes, your reports will include useful details about:

– which pages contain errors
– which scripts are causing issues
– which errors are triggered
where the errors are in the script
– where the script is being called from: HEAD or BODY tag, detailing its position (top, middle, bottom)

This will give your team more agility when fixing the issues detected by Hub’Scan.
Spend less time with detective work and go straight to fixing bugs!