HUB’SCAN EX DIGITAL ANALYTICS SUITE is the world’s most advanced SaaS platform for digital analytics efficiency and performance.

It lays the groundwork for digital analytics business processes.

Hub’Scan is the only solution on the market that addresses the entirety of your digital ecosystem, by managing tagging compliance and data layer quality for all three phases of digital analytics: traffic acquisition, visitor behavior and customer conversion.

Using Hub’Scan EX, you will reach 100% efficient tagging for your whole digital ecosystem and you will collect 100% relevant, accurate and actionable data 24/7.

With Hub’Scan EX Digital Analytics Suite, you will be able to check and analyze hundreds of millions webpages per year, with sections of 100 to 1,000,000 webpages. You will be able to run hundreds of scans per month if needed at a speed up to 6 millions webpages per hour.

Our user-friendly interface will allow you to launch scans on individual sites sections or even on lists of URLs and sitemaps.

To cover any kind of needs, we offer 4 Hub’Scan EX subscription models: Starter, Pro, Enterprise and Custom. From 3 millions to 150 millions webpages/year (extensible to no limit)… from 30 to 300 scenarios (extensible to no limit) we will build your Hub’Scan EX platform within minutes.


Hub’ScanEX allows you to go EXhaustive. We believe that 100% coverage is key to maintaining data quality. Hub’ScanEX ensures you collect 100% accurate, reliable data, 24/7. • Exhaustive scanning across entire websites and ecosystem
– Controls tag presence, activation and uniqueness
– Analyses properties, events, vars and dynamic variables
– Controls server calls and data destination
– Controls tagging and data accuracy
– Scan comparison and regression analysis
– Real-time e-mail alerts


With Hub’ScanEX, we do not only trigger tags and look at the values of the tags. We also verify that those tags capture the right data. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? Hub’ScanEX can generate one for you based on scan data!
– Produces, imports and exports tagging plans
– Compares current site tagging with intended tagging blueprint
– Manages tag deduplication
– Manages multiple tag solutions in same tagging plan
– Manages any kind of data
– Only Data Layer Management solution on the market


Hub’ScanEX uses unique scenario technology that can record and replay critical user journeys
– Replays key user journeys including conversion funnels
–  Supports menus, buttons, forms
– Supports secure environments (SSL)
– Tagging plans with dynamic variables to simulate e-mail addresses, zip codes – and more
– Controls data accuracy, coherence and compliance
– Automated recurring processes & monitoring


– Supports any TMS and digital analytics solution
– Custom tag creation interface
– Cookie audit
– Generates correction and optimization reports (PDF, CSV)
– Full-featured developer API
– Custom marketing or IT performance dashboards
– User-friendly, responsive user interface (web, iOS, Android…)
– Check correlation between tagging efficiency, data quality & conversion