tag defenderTag Defender® – Fix tags before they break

It is time to raise your digital analytics ambitions! Tag Defender® helps you get the most out of your digital analytics solutions, smoothly and confidently.

Increasing visitor engagement, retention and business conversion depends on what you have to offer and how you present it. In real life, empathy and understanding customers are essential in a sales discussion. In a digital environment, personal emotions and impulse-based reactions are replaced by data-driven rational thinking.

A revolution in digital data quality assurance

Digital Analytics are designed to successfully reach such an ambitious goal. A real challenge is to overcome the pain of maintaining complex ongoing tagging and data collection implementations, while answering questions such as:
• what if unplanned campaigns or releases happen?
• what if pages and screens are added or removed?
• what if interactions or flows change in user journey?

Hub’Scan’s exclusive feature Tag Defender® was designed to get the most out of your digital analytics solutions. It gives you the unique opportunity to raise your digital analytics ambitions to unprecedented heights. You will be able to use all the tagging and data collection features of your digital analytics platform extensively without the challenges of dealing with « what ifs » and burdensome maintenance.

Tag Defender® extensively uses data layer management and tagging compliance features from Hub’Scan EX® to automatically fix any tagging and data collection error on the fly, in real time, 24/7 on the entirety of your digital ecosystem. Now with Hub’Scan Tag Defender® you can raise the digital analytics bar and reach unprecedented engagement, retention and conversion while dramatically improving customer experience.Hub’Scan Tag Defender® audits & fixes your digital data, automatically, in real time, 24/7.

How does it work?

Follow 4 simple steps to ensure data quality for your digital marketing:

1. Create your tagging plan in Hub’Scan
2. Link your Google Tag Manager account*
3. Run your scan with Hub’Scan on your websites
4. Let Hub’Scan Tag Defender® correct data capture on the fly

Hub’Scan Tag Defender® leverages our unique tagging plan technology as well as our partnership with Google Tag Manager to automatically look for defective data points in your business data (data layer), checks them against your tagging plan and then pushes fixes directly to Google Tag Manager before any tag gets fired.

That way you can control tag breaks before they happen, giving your team more time to be reactive!

* We support Google Tag Manager at the time of this release, with more Tag Management Systems added in the future.

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