Tag Defender®:
your tag management safety net

Define your tagging rules

Use Hub’Scan to create your data layer variable/value definition file as well as business rules – or import them from Excel.


Tag manager integration

Tag Defender will connect to your tag management system and adjust your tags’ definition, variables and triggers

Tag Defender is on your site

Tag Defender will dynamically examine your data layer on your site and replace missing/defective datalayer entries with values consistent with your tagging rules 


Tag Defender will watch over your data layer and alert you when corrections are applied.
Sit back and enjoy quality data! 

Now that we have your attention,
how about a demo?

In the demo, you will learn about all the features in Hub’Scan and how they can benefit your digital marketing & analytics team!

Built for Google Tag Manager

Tag Defender was built with Google Tag Manager in mind because it is used by the majority of Hub’Scan customers.

Its robust API makes it easy for Hub’Scan to communicate with its tag and trigger system.

Do you use another TMS? Fear not – we are developing support for other tag management APIs!

Hub'Scan tagging plans + Tag Defender

Our automated SaaS platform will become the backbone of your digital marketing and analytics practice. Hub’Scan and Tag Defender will save you time and money, restore trust in data and bring back business processes in your daily activities.