Scenarios: audit your conversion funnels!

Hub’Scan EX allows you to define complex scenarios based on the most critical conversion paths on your site. Once these scenarios have been defined, we will monitor them frequently and ensure that the necessary tracking is in place and functioning correctly. If we notice something wrong, we will send you an alert so that you can fix it quickly and maintain the best possible data integrity.

You can also take advantage of Hub’Scan EX’s ability to replay user sessions. Now you can see exactly where tagging problems are occurring and address those problems right away!

Features :

  • replays key user journeys including conversion funnel
  • supports menus, buttons, forms, secure pages
  • supports secured environment
  • tag action management
  • tagging plan for scenario management
  • scenario export and generation
  • controls tagging accuracy
  • controls data accuracy, coherence and compliance
  • manages recurring tasks as often as every 30 minutes
  • automated recurring processes & monitoring
  • e-mail alerts on pages / tags / operations / data changes
  • alert management through real time console and email

Sounds too good to be true?

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