Run scans on your site and audit all your digital marketing tags

Get ready to run scans on your website – on even your brand’s entire online estate, all in a matter of minutes!

Hub’Scan EX is built with the complex analytics needs of the enterprise in mind. We ensure that you are collecting 100% reliable data 24/7.

Many audit solutions will only scan a sample of your website’s pages. We believe that 100% coverage is key to maintaining data quality. That’s why we built our architecture to be hundreds of times faster than other solutions available on the market, allowing us to scan your entire site in a fraction of the time that you would be able to scan a sample using another platform.

Features :

  • exhaustive scanning – global / section / URL list / Tagging Plan
  • statistical scanning – random / URL list / URL list + random / rule
  • controls tag presence – absence – activation and unicity
  • controls tag operation and fires it silently
  • analyses properties, events, vars and dynamic vars
  • controls server calls and data destination
  • false positive detection upon JavaScript/DOM load
  • batch processing for pages / URL
  • checks for slow / timed-out pages and site errors (30X, 40X, 50X)
  • controls tagging and data accuracy
  • compares tagging & data quality vs conversion rate
  • shows difference and regression between 2 scans
  • automated recurring processes & monitoring
  • e-mail alerts on pages / tags / data changes
  • alert management through real time console and email

Sounds too good to be true?

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