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Hub’Scan EX is your one-stop shop for your for digital marketers and analytics teams and their quality assurance needs!
We have many features that make Hub’Scan a unique platform and an invaluable asset for your digital team.
Among its many features are:

  • Support for most digital analytics, tag management systems and marketing solutions
  • Native tagging plan management
  • Generation of correction and optimization reports (PDF, CSV)
  • Tag Defender: Tag Management Dynamic Data Correction
  • On-the-fly custom tag creation interface
  • Support for secure environments (SSL, TLS)
  • User-agent agnostic (Mozilla, IE, Android, iOS…)
  • Cookie audit
  • Robust customizable data export / import API
  • Custom marketing or IT performance dashboards
  • Multi-parameter page search by variable / value / tag…
  • Bulk scans of up to 1 million pages
  • Calendar management for batch / monitored operations
  • Dynamic and interactive graphic visualizations
  • Responsive, device-independent user interface (web browser, iOS, Android…)
  • Performance : up to 6,000,000 pages scanned per hour
  • Pixel check : ensure that your tag vendors are receiving your data successfully
    … and more!

Hub’Scan EX v7.1 features available as of November 2016

SEO audit reports

Audit SEO coverage and efficiency, scored using multiple rules and criteria for entire websites, landing pages, page categories, page lists, sub-domains

  • SEO performance dashboard
  • SEO performance reports, detailed by criterion category
  • SEO optimization recommendations for each page and criterion category
  • SEO competition benchmark dashboard
  • Get real time alerts based on SEO quality score
  • Get real time alerts based on SEO ranking

Traffic Acquisition – External Campaigns

  • Manage external campaign monitoring
  • Manage ad display locations and landing pages
  • Use anonymous visit to audit ads
  • Use Google search to identify ad display locations
  • Use cookie management to force specific user behavior/profile
  • Build, edit, audit tagging plan for ad campaigns
  • Build, edit, audit tagging plan for ad landing pages
  • Audit ad campaign display potential and ad display rate
  • Automatically click ads
  • Audit ad redirection trail to identify ad platforms and providers
  • Audit ad parameters compliance and quality
  • Audit ad landing page to ensure campaign tracking parameters are present
  • Audit ad landing page to ensure digital analytics/marketing tags are fired
  • Get real time alerts based when campaign efficiency drops

Traffic Acquisition – Internal Campaigns

  • Build, edit, audit scenarios to check internal campaign efficiency and data collection
  • Build, edit, audit my tagging plan for internal campaigns
  • Audit internal campaigns parameters compliance and quality
  • Audit internal campaign events
  • Check that internal campaigns are displayed and pointing to adequate landing pages
  • Get real time alerts based when campaign efficiency drops

Tagging compliance, efficiency and conversion

The Data Collection section is dedicated to optimizing your data collection and visitor behavior knowledge.
It performs audits and optimization recommendations on tagging compliance and efficiency, on tag sequencing, on variables and values, on data quality and on JavaScripts sequencing and errors

  • Support for 500+ digital marketing tags
  • Create custom tags for tag and vendor discovery
  • Get technical and business recommendations on how to fix and optimize your tagging
  • Build, import, generate, edit, export tagging plans for multiple tag management systems and analytics solutions inside the Hub’Scan console and/or CSV format
  • Manage my props, events, variables… per domain / sub-domain / section / URL list / …
  • Define custom scanning inclusion/exclusion rules
  • Audit current tagging for a global digital ecosystem / eCommerce platform / website / domain / sub-domain / defined section / URL list / …
  • Get real time information on deployment, efficiency, changes, multiple-calls, variables, values…
  • Get real time information on HTTP status 2XX, 3XX, and errors 4XX, 5XX independently from technological envirornment including iFrames
  • Get real time information on page load times and potential time outs
  • Get real time information on TMS, JS and tag triggering that may cause disturbance in data collection
  • Get real time information on TMS, JS and tag activation and load times
  • Get real time information on TMS implementation, tagging deployment and efficiency, variable use
  • Get real time information on JS errors and what / where / how to fix
  • Explore variables and values
  • Identify variable and value cardinality/presence
  • Correlate conversion rate with data quality
  • Visualize tag triggering sequence and tag load time
  • Automate scans and scenarios to run at desired frequency
  • Compare historical analyses, run regression analyses and identify optimization opportunities
  • Does not inflate tag-based metrics by default (“stealth mode”)
  • Pixelcheck: Validates server calls with vendor collection servers as well as collection server availablilty
  • Multiple timezone support for country sites in different locations
  • Use multiple user agents to determine changes in tagging
  • Allows scans and scenarios on secure (HTTPS) and password-protected environments

Data quality

Define your data collection requirements and specify them inside a user-friendly, structuring interface. Apply tagging plans to Hub’Scan business processes to monitor data quality and optimize your data collection

  • Create tagging plan in the interface
  • Generate tagging plans on the fly based on scan data
  • Generate tagging plans on the fly based on scenario data
  • Import tagging plans (CSV, JSON)
  • Use tagging plans as the “Bible” for your digital marketing data
  • Compare current tagging to tagging plans and identify differences/regressions
  • Identify differences/regressions with tagging plans
  • Map remote scripts to run data collection “what-if” scenarios
  • Industrialize and automate tagging plan generation to handle large number of digital properties

Behavior & Conversion

The Behavior & Conversion module monitors key user journeys and ensures that data about visitor interactions is captured. It reproduces navigation patterns such as clicks on links, buttons, and internal promotions. It also replays conversion sequences such as purchase funnels and signups

  • Build, edit, audit scenarios to check conversion funnels
  • Build, edit, audit my tagging plan for interactions and funnel steps
  • Check that my site feature work properly, both from a functional and data collection perspective
  • Improve my data collection granularity and relevance
  • Get real time alerts based upon 24/7 monitoring and parameters when scenario data and performance changes


Dashboards give you a bird’s eye view of your data quality so that you can quickly jump into reports and start optimizing

  • Errors dashboard
  • Tag performance
  • Tag types
  • Web & Data quality
  • Start and loading time performance
  • Create custom, composite dashboards and exports from your favorite reports
  • Automated report delivery by email and FTP


Extract data from all Hub’Scan reports using our REST API

  • Programmatically create new schedulable audits using our REST API
  • Connect to Tag Management System APIs to deploy Tag Defender
  • Connect to Adobe or Google Analytics API to retrieve conversion rates for correlation

Misc. Features

  • Calendar module to visualize and plan audit processes
  • Integrated help module
  • Search function across all reports and processes
  • Support portal for documentation
  • Ticketing system for customer support requests
  • User forum
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, French), other languages being adapted