Hub’Scan EX is built with the complex analytics needs of the enterprise in mind. We ensure that you are collecting 100% reliable data 24/7.

Many audit solutions will only scan a sample of your website’s pages. We believe that 100% coverage is key to maintaining data quality. That’s why we built our architecture to be hundreds of times faster than other solutions available on the market, allowing us to scan your entire site in a fraction of the time that you would be able to scan a sample using another platform.


Hub’Scan EX allows you to define complex scenarios based on the most critical conversion paths on your site. Once these scenarios have been defined, we will monitor them frequently and ensure that the necessary tracking is in place and functioning correctly. If we notice something wrong, we will send you an alert so that you can fix it quickly and maintain the best possible data integrity.

You can also take advantage of Hub’Scan EX’s ability to replay user sessions. Now you can see exactly where tagging problems are occurring and address those problems right away!

Tagging plan management

With Hub’Scan, we do not only trigger tags and look at the values of the tags. We also verify that those tags capture the right data. If your company has requirements as to what data should be captured on specific pages, we ensure that is the case, thanks to tagging plan management. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? We can generate one for you based on scan data!

SEO Validation

Tracking visitor behavior and conversion is important. But it’s also important to know how visitors ended up on your site in the first place so that you can make the top of your funnel even wider. Hub’Scan EX gives you insight into common errors that can affect how visible your site is in organic search results.

The Hub’Scan EX platform uses over 75 complex rules to analyze your pages and determine their compliance with SEO best practices. This helps ensure that when visitors land on your site, they will find what they are looking for and will be more likely to become customers.

Other Features

Hub’Scan EX is your one-stop shop for your webmarketing audit needs! We have quite a few more features that make us unique and an invaluable solution for your digital team!

Supported tags

Hub’Scan can help your digital team, regardless of the marketing tags they use.