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Hub’Scan is a quality assurance platform for digital analytics and marketing solutions.
Our platform is fully automated and distributed to satisfy the requirements of our international clients.

Our core technology, Hub’Scan EX, is based on the experience of internationally renown digital analytics expert consultants.

Actually, Hub’Scan was originally built as an internal tool for digital analytics consultants to save time during audits. In 2010, we turned Hub’Scan into a premium SaaS platform that is now used by major companies and brands in the digital space.
As of 2017, we have already invested over $3M worth of R&D to reach our current level of features, excellence and performance for the higher satisfaction of our customers.
On top of your own product roadmap, our platform keeps growing and incorporates ideas and feedback from more than 50 Fortune 500 companies that use Hub’Scan today.

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