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How we do it

Using our unique scenario technology Hub’Scan can record and replay an actual user journey on your website, including navigation, clicks form submissions, downloads and other interactions. This verifies that your site’s key processes such as the conversion funnel are certified.

What you will get

Hub’Scan’s scenario reports will show you if your scenarios execute properly and, if not, which step of the conversion process caused the issue. Our alerting system will send you e-mail in case of a significant change in your monitored scenarios.

Business impact

Stop worrying about tracking your conversion rate; Hub’Scan with verify its capture for you 24/7 and send you timely, actionable alerts. We can help you discover opportunities for user behavior measurement that can lead to more conversion.

Business cases and quotes

An online retailer and Hub’Scan customer publishes multiple unique purchase funnels on a daily basis for different types of sales and promotions, handled by different design agencies. This would normally increase risk of tagging failure but Hub’Scan’s scenario monitoring and alert features gives them the confidence they need that their data collection will be complete and accurate.

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