How we do it

We verify that your analytics and marketing tags capture the right data, in compliance with your tagging plan. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? We can generate one for you based on scan data!

What you will get

Hub’Scan can provide you with a quality report that indicates whether your tag data matches your specifications, showing which tags cause problems and which pages should be fixed.

Business impact

Make sure you report the right data! Use Hub’Scan to certify your data quality, 24/7!

Business cases and quotes

A Hub’Scan customer in online retail changed their back-office software and a coding conflict on their website had pages in the Home Appliances section tagged as if they were pages in the Outdoors & Gardening section. Luckily, this error was caught within minutes thanks to Hub’Scan’s tagging plan verification functionalities, instead of waiting until it’s too late.