How we do it:

Hub’Scan EX audits your digital analytics tags as well as marketing tags and ensures that you are collecting 100% accurate, reliable data 24/7.

Hub’Scan EX browses your website like a normal visitor would with an actual browser.

It looks for a tag’s presence, activation, firing and finally its safe arrival at the analytics collection server.

It also checks for errors such as broken links and performance metrics such as page loading time and timeouts.

Many audit solutions will only scan a sample of your website’s pages.
We believe that 100% coverage is key to maintaining data quality.



tag coverage for 1,000 pages

tag coverage for 5,000 pages

tag coverage for 1M pages

In the chart above, manually or semi-automatically auditing your website can yield totally different results depending on the scope of your website.

Sampling does not work. It is time-consuming and inaccurate. The only solution to obtaining an accurate state of your tagging is exhaustive scanning across your entire web property

What you will get:

Hub’Scan’s reports will give you a complete report card on the state of your tag-based data collection strategy.

These reports include page-by-page details for every single tag collected, its variables and their values.

With our unique tagging plan feature, you can validate your tagging specifications in a matter of minutes instead of days!

This gives you a much more in-depth digital analytics audit!

Business impact:

Stop debugging your tags manually!

We help you save time and money on tagging quality assurance, help you launch sites faster and start selling online sooner! 

Reduce Time to Market (TTM) by 90%!

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 90%!

Secure 100% tagging coverage and efficiency with Hub’Scan EX and its EXhaustive scanning technology!