tag defender

Introducing Hub’Scan Tag Defender®

It is time to raise your digital analytics ambitions!

Tag Defender® helps you get the most out of your digital analytics solutions, smoothly and confidently.

Tag Defender® uses data layer management and tagging compliance features from Hub’Scan EX® to automatically fix any tagging and data collection error on the fly, in real time, 24/7.

Hub’Scan EX is the most advanced SaaS platform dedicated to digital analytics, digital marketing and traffic acquisition performance.

Use Hub’Scan to perform web analytics tag audits, validate tagging plans, replay user journeys, certify banner ad campaigns – and more!

Who needs Hub’Scan?

Hub'Scan - tag auditing solution

Hub’Scan EX gives you the unique opportunity to refocus on the most exciting, highest-value tasks.
Forget about managing tagging plans, auditing tags, checking data or even about struggling with tagging regressions…
Stop losing sleep over measuring new releases and campaigns or, fast-changing contents.

Hub’Scan EX will take care of all that for you…
EXhaustively and EXtremely fast.
As a digital analyst, one of your key daily responsibilities is to guide the decision-making process through recommendations for campaigns, promotions, website optimization and of course tagging optimization amongst many others… Because we all make decisions based on data, not on tags or TMS…

At Hub’Scan, our leadership team has extensive analytics consulting experience, which means we have this unique track record with digital analysts and customer experience, so we all know that relevant, accurate and compliant data is a key to excellence.

To reach this goal, Hub’Scan EX secures tagging compliance with tagging plans and tagging efficiency. This is the primordial first step in building any dashboard, analyzing data or making any executive decision. This is the basis of data integrity and of a perfect data layer.

Hub'Scan EX - Precise, reliable ROI data for digital marketersTrust your analytics data again and make the right decisions quickly and confidently. Collect more targeted visitors, improve visitor behavior knowledge and unlock the full potential of your digital ecosystem.
Limitations, doubts and data pressure will soon be a thing of the past with Hub’Scan EX, the award-winning marketing tag audit software platform.

Making the right decision in a world of speed and competition is not an easy task. Especially when anything you do is top priority… which means nothing is a priority.

Hub’Scan EX focuses on data integrity for your digital analytics dashboards, data layers, Data Management Platforms, data hubs and even the notorious Big Data.
More over, thanks to its unique scenario feature, Hub’Scan EX will help you to replay key user journeys or campaigns to identify new interaction points that will give more relevance and efficiency to your data and decisions.

You will get faster Time To Market and higher ROI from your traffic acquisition channels (SEO/organic traffic, display and paid search campaigns).
You will significantly improve any kind of business conversion.

Hub'Scan EX can drive more sales and conversionsWhen it comes to revenue, nobody gets it better than sales professionals.

Whatever your business model, selling the right product, the right service, the right content, the right ad at the right price, place and time is your daily game and source of excitement.
When everything is a matter of time, speed, action and reaction, getting the right insights makes all the difference.

This is what Hub’Scan EX does for your digital analytics and marketing teams. Providing them with the security of a fully responsive, fully efficient technology as well as the most relevant and accurate data to make sure you go into action equipped with the best data weaponry to fight competition and capture business leadership.

Hub’Scan EX helps you reduce time to business conversion while maximizing revenue. For any of your vendors; or partners, Hub’Scan will make you the unique partner to work with.

Hub'Scan EX makes life easier for IT professionals by reducing cost of ownershipOptimizing both Time To Market and Total Cost of Ownership is no easy task.
Especially when Cost Of Sales and Return On Investment are taken into consideration.

At Hub’Scan, we are highly conscious about what is at stake for IT departments.
We believe that we created one of the first applications on the market that finally bring IT and Marketing teams together.

Dealing with tags is quite a messy job. Coding, frames, technologies, Javascript, performance, clients, servers…
There are so many reasons why a tag will not work that we had to identify and document hundreds, if not thousands, of use and business cases. Page load-time, page and server errors (3XX, 4XX, 5XX), multiple tracking calls, cookies, URLs, source code… All of these technical elements have no secrets for Hub’Scan EX.

This is why, in order to manage EXhaustive tagging auditing and efficiency, Hub’Scan EX focuses on many things that will help you reduce Time To Market up to 90% while reducing Total Cost of Ownership and securing digital investments.
Hub’Scan EX will help you work faster, safer and more efficiently.

With Hub'Scan EX, identify costly campaigns and optimize budgetsThe Finance Department is often seen as the one branch of the company that asks to do ever more with ever less, making it not very popular. At Hub’Scan, we know that a finance department is always looking for solutions that would carry efficiency compensation for their internal customers: marketing, sales and IT departments.

However, reducing Time To Market and Cost Of Sales while improving Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment is very often seen as science fiction.

Hub’Scan EX changes the game for you, as these supposedly unreachable goals can now be reached.

It empowers analysts, marketers, sales and IT to do much more out of their tags, data, campaigns, offers and technologies. Hub’Scan EX secures 100% tagging efficiency and data collection 24/7 while preventing wasting time (up to 90%), money and resources in order to be more cost-efficient.

Using Hub’Scan EX you will make sure that every single dollar invested in digital analytics will turn out into cash for your company. This is why making it your solution of choice for digital conversion will make the Finance Department popular again – all while achieving your goals.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that online marketers are entitled to an exact, precise data certified by exhaustive, 24/7 scanning.

As sites grow bigger and bigger, the number of individual elements on a website can reach millions. The amount of work required to test the correct operation of tags on large web properties can seem tedious, cumbersome, and quite frankly – sometimes downright impossible.
To avoid spending too much time with quality assurance, the most common methodology is to consider that if tagging is done right only on “significant” pages or site sections, then surely all pages will be tagged correctly. Unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, this is sampling and sampling cannot paint an accurate picture of the state of your tagging.

This is why Hub’Scan EX provides exhaustive scanning, the only way to ensure your data is 100% certified.
If you base your decisions on data that’s based on tags present on only a sample of your pages, you are missing opportunities both in terms of conversion and visitor knowledge.
To achieve optimal tracking of your digital performance, make sure that your entire web properties are tagged, from pages to buttons to forms to video players.

To achieve exhaustiveness, Hub’Scan works both on huge volumes of pages and on user journeys, independently from technical and business environments.

Exhaustive scan: Hub’Scan can analyze websites or site sections of up to 1 million pages, comparing the tagging and data collection on your online properties with tagging plans and producing comparison reports.

Scenarios: Hub’Scan replays and monitors key user journeys or conversion funnels to secure their efficiency and compliance with your business goals. Hub’Scan tracks many kinds of interactions such as links, buttons, forms, frames, secure checkout and payment modules – and more!

Monitoring: Hub’Scan can monitor any of its actions as often as every 30 minutes, if needed.

For mass scans and scenarios, each tag of any kind is fired silently and any data is collected.
Every server error, page not found error or redirection is identified and reported. Any slow-loading page, unresponsive tag or missing data (for time outs on page load for instance) is identified and reported.

Hub’Scan provides you with:

  • Clear and dynamic dashboard that helps you understand where you – stand on data quality and what the status of your website is.
  • Reports showing discrepancies that must be fixed.
  • Reports showing tagging and data evolution.

You will learn in real time about correlation between tagging quality, data quality and conversion efficiency. You will instantly understand whether you are facing an IT issue or a tagging issue. You will know where and how to fix it. You will know what the impact will be on your bottomline.

In order to reach these goals of exhaustiveness and excellence, we had to build Hub’Scan on a resilient, powerful, scalable software and hardware architecture.
To date Hub’Scan runs scans at a speed of up to 6 million webpages per hour.
On the software side, Hub’Scan benefits from the latest coding models and languages to implement all the algorithms we are using.
On the hardware side, we have application hosting and data center facilities in Europe connected to our U.S. East Coast USA facilities. We use application and server load balancing when required thanks to tight integration between software and hardware architecture.
We will be able to double this capacity by Q2/2015 thanks to a third data center on the U.S. West Coast.

This setup guarantees our ability to deliver what Hub’Scan promises and provide you with big volumes and intensive processing when needed.



Hub’Scan EX allows you to define complex scenarios based on the most critical conversion paths on your site. Once these scenarios have been defined, we will monitor them frequently and ensure that the necessary tracking is in place and functioning correctly. If we notice something wrong, we will send you an alert so that you can fix it quickly and maintain the best possible data integrity

Tagging Plan

With Hub’Scan, we do not only trigger tags and look at the values of the tags. We also verify that those tags capture the right data. If your company has requirements as to what data should be captured on specific pages, we ensure that is the case, thanks to tagging plan management. Don’t have a tagging plan yet? We can generate one for you based on scan data !

SEO Validation

Tracking visitor behavior and conversion is important. But it’s also important to know how visitors ended up on your site in the first place so that you can make the top of your funnel even wider. Hub’Scan EX gives you insight into common errors that can affect how visible your site is in organic search results.